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Gift Aid

Maximise Your Donation with Gift Aid

As supporters of Children in Distress, you play a crucial role in improving the lives of vulnerable children and families in Romania. We are excited to share how you can make an even greater impact with your generous donations—through Gift Aid.

Gift Aid is a government initiative that allows charities like Children in Distress to claim an extra 25p for every £1 you donate at no additional cost to you. This means your donation can go further, helping us provide more essential services, resources and support to those in need.

Why Gift Aid Matters

Every donation to Children in Distress contributes to vital projects such as the Love in a Box shoebox appeal, the PineView Retreat Lodge and numerous other initiatives aimed at providing care, education and hope to disadvantaged children. By opting into Gift Aid your contributions can be significantly amplified enabling us to expand our reach and enhance our programs.

How Gift Aid Works

To participate in Gift Aid, you simply need to be a UK taxpayer. Here's how you can help:

  1. Complete a Gift Aid Declaration: When you make a donation, fill out a Gift Aid declaration form. This can be done online via our donation page while making a donation or by completing a physical form if you prefer. You can also add Gift Aid to any physical donations given to our shops. 
  1. Confirm Your Tax Status: Ensure you’ve paid at least as much in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in that tax year as the amount of Gift Aid we’ll claim on your donations.
  1. Let Us Handle the Rest: Once you’ve completed the declaration, we can claim the extra 25% on your donations increasing the funds available for our vital projects.

Click here to download a Gift Aid declaration form. Please return your completed form to or post to Children in Distress, York Biocentre, Innovation Way, Heslington, York, YO10 5NY.

The Impact of Your Enhanced Donations

By opting into Gift Aid your donation of £20 becomes £25, a £50 donation turns into £62.50 and a £100 contribution increases to £125. This additional funding allows us to:

  • Expand Our Outreach: More children can benefit from our programs, receiving essential items, education and support.
  • Improve Facilities: We can enhance the quality of our facilities, such as the Casa Maria family home, ensuring children with special needs have a safe, welcoming environment.
  • Provide Better Resources: Additional funds enable us to supply better educational materials, medical supplies and other critical resources to the children in our care.

Join Us in Making a Difference

As we continue to celebrate our 35th anniversary, we invite you to maximise your impact by using Gift Aid with your donations. Your support is invaluable, and with Gift Aid it becomes even more powerful. Help us continue our mission of providing care, comfort and hope to the children and families who need it most.

Thank you for your unwavering support and generosity.