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Our family is growing!

Matteo on arrival

Our family is growing!

Our cosy home Casa Maria opened its doors once again to welcome a new member to our little family, because hospitality and serving are the core of our mission.

Matteo is a cute boy aged 2 years and 5 months who arrived on October 5th 2023.

He comes from a financially challenged family, who sadly, are no longer able to care for him and his special needs.

Matteo spent the first years of his childhood at the Marie Curie Emergency Hospital for Children in Bucharest where he underwent several surgical interventions to correct his heart condition, but also for the installation of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt, (a cerebral shunt that drains excess cerebrospinal fluid); the installation of a tracheostomy (a procedure to help air and oxygen reach the lungs) and of a gastrostomy (a surgical procedure used to insert a tube through the abdomen and into the stomach).

Sadly, his condition is unstable, he is frail, and he requires oxygen therapy and permanent specialized care and monitoring.

He is adjusting well to his new environment at Casa Maria as he is surrounded with a lot of loving care by the staff, and also by his new friends who are ever so curious to get to know him and spend quality time in his company.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome him to our family of care and love and wish him to be in good health and grow up harmoniously surrounded by his new friends.