Children in Distress is all about people, who like Dame Cicely Saunders, believe that children matter because they are children, and that they matter to the last moment of their life. Consequently we do our utmost to maximise their potential and help them live their lives to the full.

At Children in Distress we don’t count the days, we make days count, ensuring that little patients always achieve their potential with therapies that provided the independence, to sit in a wheelchair or confidence sitting astride a “Riding for the Disabled “horse or simply  make it possible  to pet a kitten.

At Children in Distress, great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Community programmes, encompass the educational, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of children and their caregivers. Teachers feed the body, so as to fill the mind with inspirational learning, whilst therapists teach control and relaxation. A subtle combination of care that generates confidence, curiosity and wellbeing in the children involved and in those they love.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Children in Distress, could not and would not, continue to provide our vital mix of care without our Volunteers. Volunteers prepared to share their skills, expertise, experience and give generously of their time to work on behalf of and to care for Europe’s “forgotten” children have always been at the very heart of everything that Children in Distress has achieved.