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Simon Errington Appointed as CEO of Children in Distress


Simon Errington Appointed as CEO of Children in Distress

We are delighted to share with you an important update regarding the journey ahead for Children in Distress, especially exciting as we move forward into our 35th Anniversary year.

Children in Distress is delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Errington to the role of CEO of the charity. Simon has served as Co-Chair during the last year, alongside Anne-Marie Martin, and has a long historical family connection with the charity. He will take over the role officially from 12th June 2023 for an initial period of six months, to drive forward the newly proposed business plan.

With the Board’s full agreement, Simon will step down as Co-Chair during his time as CEO, but will remain a Trustee as an ex-officio Board Member. Furthermore, Anne-Marie Martin will assume the role of Chair.

We are delighted by the decision, and look forward to working closely with Simon in the coming months as he guides us to the realisation of so many plans to aid the growth and representation of Children in Distress across the whole of the UK.