Maria has been a member of our St. Margaret’s unconventional family of care since forever. She has always been surrounded with tender loving care, unconditional love, and lots of attention. But time flies by, relatively fast, and our existence is usually a sum of great memories and unforgettable moments. … Continued

          Our St. Margaret’s small, unconventional family of love and care opened its arms, once again, to welcome a new member. Mihaela is the youngest and newest addition to the family, she is only 10 months old and she arrived at our Hospice on May 19th.She comes from a disorganised family, … Continued

            Gone are the two weeks in which the first group of 10 people from St. Margaret’s Centre care staff were forced to isolate from dear ones and continue to work in the same building. Now it is the turn of the second group to replace the first group of … Continued

                We are all familiar with the challenges the world is facing right now. Social distancing measures on top of a new reality that lacks everything we took for granted and seemed familiar and normal until several weeks ago transformed this period into an incredibly demanding experience on … Continued

                Turn your gift for me into love for children. They are simple, they are wonderful, they are SPECIAL. For the last 20 years, these children have given me unconditional love. They taught me every day to find my joy and happiness in simple things. Giving my birthday … Continued