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Back to kindergarten

                David – Andrei is Daria’s five-year-old baby brother. Whenever Daria is doing her homework, as she just started a new chapter in her life, David is always by her side shadowing her every move. He likes to be present, involved, he is active, enjoys the moment and … Continued

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Thanksgiving Service

It is good to give thanks to the LORD, to sing praises to our God. Psalm 92:1 Children in Distress/Copii in Dificultate celebrates its 31 st anniversary with a worship service that will be available online on 17 October.We will give thanks to God for our supporters and staff and celebrate 31 years of ministry … Continued

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Thank You to Our Supporters

Dear Friends, The COVID 19 pandemic is not over, but we were so touched by the support of all of you helping us to achieve amazing results until now. I write this with heartfelt thanks for your special assistance in meeting the extraordinary costs to St Margaret’s hospice because of COVID-19. Thanks to you, our … Continued

                “Now this is a princess room!” Georgiana exclaimed when she saw her room redecorated with beautiful pink furniture. This was a well-deserved surprise for her great school results. Georgiana had decided to choose a professional school instead of a renowned high school, despite her good grades, to … Continued

            Maria has been a member of our St. Margaret’s unconventional family of care since forever. She has always been surrounded with tender loving care, unconditional love, and lots of attention. But time flies by, relatively fast, and our existence is usually a sum of great memories and unforgettable moments. … Continued